Government Affairs
and Lobbying

Carr Consulting advises national and Maine-based companies on issues involving Maine statutes and regulations relevant to their operations in the State of Maine. We monitor and report on proposed legislation affecting business in Maine. This involves regular appearances in front of legislative committees concerning labor, commerce, health and human services, tax, insurance and financial services, and agriculture to advance the passage of legislation that positively impacts the cost of doing business in Maine. Carr Consulting assists clients in drafting legislation to expand and improve business opportunities. We also arrange meetings for clients with legislative and executive leaders, department commissioners and constitutional officers.


Carr Consulting facilitates rule-making review before the Departments of Professional and Financial Regulation, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Agriculture, and the office of the Attorney General. We assist in reviewing and clarifying licensing requirements for professional organizations and companies seeking to initiate or expand their business operations in Maine.


Carr Consulting assists businesses in reviewing Maine laws and regulations governing business practices and operations. We provide high-level review and planning strategies in connection with laws and regulations that may need to be modified or clarified by legislation or rule making to enable cost effective business operation and expansion.


Carr Consulting maintains an office in Augusta and works closely with representatives of Maine trade associations including the Retail Association of Maine and the Maine Grocers Association. Carr Consulting also coordinates client action with other interested parties and stakeholders. Depending on the nature of the proposed engagement, Carr Consulting can work on a fixed retainer (payable monthly) or by hourly fees.